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  • Win the Chopper
    Win the Chopper

    [youtube=] The Builder of the Frame for the XPress Lid Bikernet/Cycle Source 2012 Sweeps Bike Build By Michael David Milatovich Yet another true solid professional is to be found in Jason Ferguson. He will do the actual building of the Bikernet/Cycle Source Giveaway Chopper, sponsored by Xpress, frame, designed by Jason and Gary Maurer of Kustoms Inc. As a second generation bike builder, Ferguson caught the bug at an early age. He grew up around dirty old bikers going to bike shows and rallies. Ferguson has built bikes for guys like Billy F. Gibbons (ZZ Top), Hulk Hogan and Bo Jackson. After serving apprenticeships with various builders, Jason started Texas Bike Works, LLC in 2006 and the business has grown steadily. Ferguson, an expert welder, machinist, fabricator and custom fitter said, “It’s kind of a tough time to come up with new products.” Although true, he’s currently working on oil tanks, gas tanks, handle bars, and “all kinds of old ‘70s stuff.” “Time and effort makes a great frame, “ stated Ferguson. And quality materials definitely help. All of his frames use 1020 DUM tubing steel. He assures me that the biggest difference between a Chopper and a Bobber is the neck height. It usually takes him 20 hours of due diligence to come up with an outstanding creation. And, with this attitude, he got involved with the Giveaway Chopper program because the quality builders and manufacturers that are part of the build. Jason Ferguson is the owner of Texas Bike Works. Michael David Milatovich of interviewed the frame builder and shot him 13 questions. 13 Questions with Jason Ferguson Bikernet: Besides yourself, who are your heroes in the motorcycle industry? Ferguson: Well, I’ve always looked up to Arlen Ness. It’s just the bikes. My dad was a big fan of his. And just watching him over the years and having the chance to meet him….A great role model for bike builders…. Very professional, always coming up with new ideas for the industry. Bikernet: EVO or PAN or Twin Cam or Knuckle or Shovel, and why ? Ferguson: I like Shovelheads because they make a distinct sound. I can’t really explain why, but I’ve ridden flat head, pan head, knuckle, but I just seem to like Shovelheads best. They’ve got more power than older motors, but they still have that nostalgic feel to them. Bikernet: Katy, Perry, or Taylor Swift? Ferguson: I don’t even know who Katy Perry is. The only reason I know of Taylor Swift is because all my friend’s daughters go to her concerts. (laughs) Bikernet: Bud or Jack Daniels ? Ferguson: Jack Daniels. I hate Budweiser. Bikernet: If you could ride only one bike, what would it be? Ferguson: Only one bike? A Ducati….one of the newest Ducatis that’s out. Bikernet: Who are you listening to on your iPod? Ferguson: This is starting to sound like a Cheryl Hughes interview. (laughs) I don’t even have an iPod, but I listen to a lot of Metallica. Kind of an old school metal fan, stuck in the ’90s. Bikernet: MotoGP, NASCAR, IndyCar, Flat track Motorcross, Superbike? Ferguson: I would say Motorcross, I like that best. Bikernet: Which one event do you always look forward to and why? Ferguson: Sturgis is the best one for me. You’ve got the best of both world’s there. You got the best riding…..You can go ride and have fun and see all kinds of cool things, monuments. And then you’ve got the best bike shows. Usually a bike show every day that’s got the best bikes in the world. Plus all the people. I get to see all my other shop buddies from all over the country that I talk to on the phone all year. I get to see them in person because everybody goes to Sturgis. Bikernet: What reading material is in the bathroom? Ferguson: I don’t know, man, probably Bikernet on-line magazine. Bikernet: What is your favorite adult beverage? Ferguson: Jack and Coke. Bikernet: Favorite motorcycle ride? Ferguson: Riding around the Black Hills. Bikernet: Favorite bike movie? Ferguson: Probably, Road Warrior. Bikernet: Favorite TV show? Ferguson: I don’t know, I don’t watch much TV, but probably the Biker Build-off show. Jason Ferguson Texas Bike Works 817-326.0288 Click on the XPress logo for a hot cup of Joe. Click on this logo to check out Bandit’s Subscriptions and enter to win!

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    Expect the Best!

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    Frame Building

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    Check out the Century Rocket Digger Frame

    This frame perfect for your 2003 and earlier Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle. MADE  IN THE USA

  • Lucas’s Rocket Chopper Frame
    Lucas’s Rocket Chopper Frame

    41 deg. 8up 2out  

  • Rocket Chopper
    Rocket Chopper

    Our new Century Rocket Digger frame can be special ordered to fit any style. This customer wanted us to build his frame to fit his 18 over Gurfee girder.

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